Delivery box for bicycles or motorcycles MILES XPM 33 – black

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The PRD-Miles Agility is a bag with a bicycle or a motorcycle attachment that advantageously replaces the classic delivery box by easily attaching to the bicycle…

The Prodelbags PRD-Miles XPM 33 is a waterproof food delivery bag designed to deliver hot food and especially McDonald’s or Burger King menus while preserving the taste and aroma of food. It is the high-end product that meets all the requirements of high-end users.
Our modern and lightweight insulated bicycle transport box allows you to deliver food products quickly and easily! The cooler bag is designed to replace the conventional delivery box which is heavier and more expensive.
This efficient thermal bag has a specially designed bag holder. The bag can thus be installed on the bike and removed instantly without having to unbuckle or unscrew anything.
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for bicycle for bicycle
for motorcycle for motorcycle
Caisson de livraison ProdelBags Miles Agility pour coursier à vélo. Sac de livraison isotherme 51 litres
Delivery box for bicycles or motorcycles MILES XPM 33 – black
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