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Rucksacks for all of your urban deliveries

Courier bags, rucksacks, roll-top backpack

Bendable, multipurpose and waterproof rolltop rucksacks are not only a practical accessory for bicycle couriers, but they also attract through their combination of convenience and simple urban design along the length of the bag, and have been developed to become an essential, authentic work tool.
At, we offer the largest selection of insulated food delivery bags in the business. Whether you are looking for insulated bags to deliver hot sandwiches or delivery bags for your restaurant or catering business, we carry the bags you need. Service, Quality and Innovation.

from 12 to 15 € /each €

Electric heated delivery bags

Addon Cup Holder

from 16 to 24€ /each €

Electric heated delivery bags

Addon top beverage

from 15 to 20€ /each €

Motorcycle, bicycle, scooter Rack delivery bags

Avatherm Pizzabox – Red

250€ /Each - 69.88 litters
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discontinued product
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115€ - 95€ - 49.7 litters
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95€ - 79 litters