Internal Heated Bag – black

from 80,00 90,00  /each

Heated bag is a separate electric bag that keeps the food warm for more than two hours after it is unplugged

It can be easily added and removed from the backpack. This add-on is ideal for restaurants that need a heated solution for part of their menu; in other words, carrying cold and hot foods in one solution is now possible.
The heated bag has three layers of insulation that keeps the delivery order at a proper temperature. It is very flexible – You can fold the bag when it is not used. You can even use it alone or add it to the backpack series 33 (Prodelbags or D!Bag),PRD 52-4343, PRD 52-4733, PRD 52-5233 or PRD 52-4848.
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Un sac chauffant séparé qui peut être facilement ajouté et retiré du sac à dos, cet add-on est utilisé pour les restaurants qui ont besoin d'une solution chauffée pour une partie de leur menu et non pour l'ensemble ou qui veulent transporter du froid et du chaud en même temps.
Internal Heated Bag – black
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