Delivery bags for uber eats or deliveroo dispatch riders

Thermal BackPack delivery bag

Since the first lockdown was imposed by the Covid19 pandemic, the number of home delivery businesses has skyrocketed in France. According to the French national institute for statistics INSEE, 87,900 sole-trading businesses were created in 2020, among which 97% specialise in bike delivery of meals, mails and miscellaneous items that sell on the Internet. To […]

Insulated bag: how to pick the right one?

Thermal BackPack delivery bag

For the past few years, insulated bags have become practical elements of the daily life, for both ordinary people and numerous professionals. A variety of tradespeople now require indeed to use bags with a capacity of preserving the thermal qualities of the edible goods and miscellaneous products they contain, among whom are delivery workers, dispatch […]

Pizza Warmer Bags

Thermal Pizza delivery bag

Are you looking for a pizza warmer bag that gives you pizzas straight from the oven taste even receiving after 2 hours from the order time? This is the right place to find bags that is suitable for your operational needs and pizza delivery requirements. Prodel’s heated pizza bags are designed in a way that […]

Custom-Made Delivery Bags for DeinDeal

Thermal BackPack delivery bag

DeinDeal offers smart overwhelming deals on big branded products and services. DeinDeal gives a chance to discover new activities, new passions, and new products by taking advantage of their deals. Aiming to become the largest e-commerce company among Swiss online shopping platforms, DeinDeal works on having a strong distribution hub or network for delivering goods […]

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Delivery Business Environmentally Friendly

Thermal BackPack delivery bag

It depends upon how they set up a sustainable practice that helps to enhance the profit and improve customer satisfaction ultimately. Delivery would help to make the business even more friendly with the proper steps given below. At the same time, the bamboo towel in the UK would always be a unique setup for the […]