Pursuant to Act n°2000-719 of 1 August 2000, the user’s declared contact information can be disclosed on the request of legal authorities.
The sales performed by the company ProDel Solutions AB are subjected to the following general terms, which the purchaser formally accepts without restrictions and unreservedly by simply visiting the website deliverybags.eu. Should the user of this website not accept these terms, he is requested not to use the services offered by ProDel Solutions AB. The website deliverybags.eu and its contents are the property of the company ProDel Solutions AB.

These general sales terms particularly specify the terms regarding order placement, payment and the management of potential returns of products ordered by purchasers.
The purchaser can easily, freely and at any moment read those general sales terms by clicking on the site on the “Sales Terms” link. Therefore, any order of a product placed by a user on deliverybags.eu shall imply the customer’s definitive and irrevocable agreement with the entirety of the further-detailed general sales terms.
The customer acknowledges having carefully read the general sales terms specified on the website deliverybags.eu at the moment of placing his order.
Any order placement considers these general terms are accepted unreservedly.

All the displayed brands and references remain exclusive property of their respective makers/manufacturers and are only used with the sole aim of facilitating the identification and the nature of the products and articles that we market.
The photographs, plans, drawings or videos illustrating the products do not fall within the contractual scope.
Should errors occur, in no case shall the liability of ProDel Solutions AB be engaged.
The company ProDel Solutions AB displays on its website the products for sale with each product’s characteristics. The explanatory information of showcased products may however be incomplete or fail to match the user’s expectations.
The user may nonetheless ask for additional information on all the products displayed on the website deliverybags.eu before proceeding to his purchase.
The offers displayed on deliverybags.eu are valid only as the stocks last.
The selection and the purchase of a product are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
ProDel Solutions AB may not be held accountable for any direct or indirect damage stemming from the improper use or storage of the products, with the purchaser not complying with the instructions specified in the use and maintenance manuals of products purchased on the website deliverybags.eu.

The orders placed on the server engage the customer from the moment our customer service receives his order and its payment.
The purchaser may settle his order from deliverybags.eu either:
– With a bank card directly on the website by filling an order form and by paying with his bank card through a PayPal or Stripe secure transaction.
– By bank transfer — payment information is given once the order has been pre-validated.
– By cheque to the order of “ProDel Solutions AB” by filling on line and sending by mail the printable form generated by the website deliverybags.eu.
The order placed through either of the five aforementioned procedures irrevocably engage the purchaser.
Deliverybags.eu teams usually take 48 hours to process orders. Periods are to be understood as working days.

Our products are shipped with GLS, Mondial Relay or Colissimo in priority and at the customer’s choice.
Deliverybags.eu commits itself to do everything possible to deliver orders in the shortest times, from the reception of the order form. The delivery periods mentioned on the order form are only indicative and potential delays do not give the purchaser the right to cancel the sales, to refuse the items or to claim for expectation damages.
Deliverybags.eu is unbound from its delivery obligation in any fortuitous case or in case of force majeure, which among others includes total or partial strike movements, floods, fires and pandemics.
The transfer of property of goods already or yet to be delivered remains on hold until the customer has paid the price in full, and has no incidence on the transfer of risks.
Should the product you ordered be delivered with a defect or should a delivery error arise, please contact us.
If the ordered product has undergone damage during haulage, mention it on the delivery slip given by the haulier under the form of “written reserves”, followed by your signature.

To ensure a new delivery, let us know about the problem on the day of delivery or at the latest on the first working day following the delivery.
Should the received product ever fail to match the one you ordered or should an item be missing, the first thing to do is to mention it on the delivery slip given by the haulier.
Then inform us about this error on the day of delivery or at the latest on the first working day following the delivery so we may fix the error as soon as possible.
Should we be returned the parcel for a reason attributable to the customer (wrong address, unclaimed or refused parcel, etc.), management costs (amounting to 10% of the order’s total price) shall be paid by the customer.

One or several items may however be unavailable for a period of time.
In that case, deliverybags.eu shall credit the customer with the unavailable item(s), to be staked on his next order.
Refunding is made with the same payment method used for the initial transaction and the order’s refund amount shall not include shipping costs.
Should you return a complete order that included reduced shipping costs or free delivery, the order’s refund amount shall not include such shipping costs.

Deliverybags.eu may modify its prices at any moment.
The customer commits himself to pay the selling price that is in application at the time of placing his order.
The payment of the order is to be made in advance by way of a single bank transfer at the time of sending the order form to deliverybags.eu.
The price is to be paid in full and in a single transfer at the time of placing the order. All orders are billed and payable in euros only.

We cannot be informed about every country’s specific legislation.
As a result, it is every customer’s responsibility not to order merchandise that his country bans the import thereof or subjects to particular distribution contracts.
Should that occur anyway, we cannot be held accountable for the merchandise being barred by competent authorities or for potential legal actions.

Customs or importation taxes are to be paid when the parcel reaches its destination country. You must discharge any customs clearance taxes that might supplement. We have no control over those taxes and we cannot foresee them, as customs policies widely vary among countries. Please contact your local customs administration for more information.
Pursuant to article L121-20 of the French Consumption Code, the purchaser, a non-professional natural person, can use a 14 (fourteen)-day withdrawal period starting from the delivery of his product to return it, at his own cost, to the vendor for an exchange or a penalty-free refund excluding delivery and return costs.
The purchaser declares these general sales terms comply with the provisions of articles L111-1 and L113-3 of the Consumption Code, in that the website and said general sales terms inform him about the product’s essential characteristics, about prices, limitations of contractual liability and sales terms.

The concerned items must be returned in their original packaging, be intact and have no trace of dirt nor of use, together with their potential instructions.

Shipping and return costs shall thus be assumed by the purchaser. Cash-on delivery shall not be accepted.

Only the price of the returned product shall be refunded. Initial shipping costs are still to be paid by the purchaser.

All the personal data you give us is necessary for the processing of your orders. You are entitled to access, read, amend and delete the data you have given us, and you can exert that right by contacting deliverybags.eu’s customer service.
Pursuant to the Act on Digital Systems and Civil Liberties 1978, the processing of nominative information relative to Internet users has been declared and registered to the National Commission for Digital Systems and Civil Liberties.
The user may not raise the liability of ProDel Solutions AB either because of the nature of information, because of the sold products, or because of provided advice. As a consequence, the user renounces in advance any legal action against ProDel Solutions AB on the basis of either of those counts.
On the foregoing basis, the liability of the company ProDel Solutions AB or of its owners may not be raised by the user, either because of the nature of information, because of sold products and/or services, or because of the implementation of provided advice. The user acts under his entire and sole responsibility;
as a consequence, he renounces in advance any legal action against the company ProDel Solutions AB or its owners.
Any order placed implies the customer’s unrestricted agreement with deliverybags.eu’s General Sales Terms.