Fresh Heat Light 432 – red

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Heating pad comes standard for an extra boost of heat with this 43x45x11 cm (16″×17″×4.3″) red soft-sided heavy-duty nylon insulated pizza delivery bag!

Our Fresh-Heat-Light pizza bag boasts all of the fabulous insulation and moisture-resistant properties of all our bags and also includes the our heating technology 12v or 220v.
This heated pizza bag offers the exceptional heat retention your establishment needs for its delivery service. It maintains food temperatures longer than other leading brands without breaking the bank.
This bag uses two layer poly-batting insulation to accomplish this, keeping your pizzas 15% warmer than the competition during the first hour of use for a fraction of the cost.
Fresh-Heat-Light 432 from Prodelbags, designed to holds up to (3) 43cm, 12″ pizzas
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