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The French term “accessoire” means “secondary matter” or “extras”, but accessories play a central role for the perfect delivery!

Most accessories have a practical use: Belts, for example, fix leg wear and wallets allow you to keep money and cards in order.

45,00€ - 35,00€
from 12 to 15 € /each €

Electric heated delivery bags

Addon top beverage

from 15 to 20€ /each €

Electric heated Pizza delivery bags

Heating element for backpack Delivery Bag

from 55 to 68€ /Each

Electric heated Pizza delivery bags

Heating element for Pizza Delivery Bag

from 55 to 65€ /Each

Electric heated delivery bags

Internal Cold Compartment

from 23 to 27€ /each €

Electric heated delivery bags

Internal Heated Bag – black

from 80 to 90€ /each €
13€ /Each - 19 litters
15€ /Each - 38 litters
18€ - 15€ - 37.8 litters

Accessories for drivers

Drivers Gloves: Are fixed to the bike. Plus, they are very practical to use and very efficient. These gloves are waterproof and dust-proof with thermal insulation for extreme weathers. There are many designs for these gloves that come with different colors and fit most types of motorbikes.

Waist bags: Are designed with 600D Gotek fabric with hydrophobic treatment. These waist bags are sturdy and are built to last. Hence, they will make a great addition for your daily activities. Also, they are constructed with durable and sturdy zippers, easy to use, heavy-duty durable YKK zippers. The flexible strap with strong and reliable plastic buckle can be adjusted easily to set at your chosen length without loosening. Furthermore, it can be worn on your hip to place your personal stuff, money, and checkbook in it.

Credit Card Machine covers: Are designed to carry your mobile credit card machine in a secure ergonomic designed bag.
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