Insulated delivery box for bicycles Swift Tarmac – black

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The Swift Tarmac 45x44x35 is a bag with a bicycle, electric bicycle or a motorcycle attachment that advantageously replaces the classic delivery box by easily attaching to the bicycle…

Durable, lightweight yet very practical, the Swift Tarmac is designed using water-repellent Tarpaulin and detailed with reflective strips. The exterior shell of the Swift Tarmac is also waterproof and UV-protected against the sun. The bag from the inside is crafted from an aluminum laminated fabric that maintains the food’s temperature.

The bag also features 3 velcros on three sides of the bag for you to put your brand and design on it. The bag is installed on the back of the bike using screws and bolts to attach the bag to the grill. Finally, the best part of the swift tarmac is that it is easily folded down and fixed inside the metal base so that you can put it away in a neat way.
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