Pizza Warmer Bags

Thermal Pizza delivery bag

Are you looking for a pizza warmer bag that gives you pizzas straight from the oven taste even receiving after 2 hours from the order time?

This is the right place to find bags that is suitable for your operational needs and pizza delivery requirements.

Prodel’s heated pizza bags are designed in a way that can meet all the aspects required for your business. These bags have heaters made of industrial grade components. They can be preheated in the shop for just 5 min for the bag to reach an average of 60°c, and remain hot all the way through the delivery. The heating system solutions can be used inside cars and minivans, where the pizza is continuously heated throughout the delivery.

Our production experts at Prodel Bags have long been dedicated to their profession in manufacturing durable pizza thermal bags. Hence, we are proud to present to you our wide range of heated pizza bags that are designed to keep the pizza hot for better delivery.

These bags are developed with excellent features that you’ll love to have—the fabrics used are either 600D Gotek fabric that can resist heavy abrasion. All bags have waterproof and water-repellent fabrics to prevent the boxes from getting soaked. Durable and lightweight Triple YKK Velcro stripes and YKK zippers are available for easy usage while maintaining the fresh smell of the pizza inside. The heating element is available in 220V or 12V systems with car plugs and store chargers. In addition to the heating element, the bags consist of a three layer insulation to ensure that your pizza is kept fresh and steamy. Window tag and frame are available on specific models to insert the ID or business cards. Plus, reinforced handles are made to carry the bag comfortably. Also, internal separator shelves can be added to most bags to better separate and organize the orders.

Are you finding difficulty in getting hot pizzas to your home?

Not anymore!

These pizza warmer bags are the perfect addition to any restaurant or pizzeria. With the variety of sizes available, the pizza bags can hold large capacity of pizza boxes ranging from two 16″ pizza boxes to ten 20″ pizza boxes.

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