Insulated bag: how to pick the right one?

Thermal BackPack delivery bag

For the past few years, insulated bags have become practical elements of the daily life, for both ordinary people and numerous professionals.

A variety of tradespeople now require indeed to use bags with a capacity of preserving the thermal qualities of the edible goods and miscellaneous products they contain, among whom are delivery workers, dispatch riders, or even restaurateurs and professionals of the catering industry.

An insulated bag allows most importantly to avoid breaking the cold chain, and that way, it helps protect fresh or frozen foods during haulage. This also works when it comes to keeping cooked dishes hot.
In short, an insulated delivery bag has a lot of advantages. But here’s the problem: with the growing number of references, making one’s choice is not always easy.
With this guide, you will now find it much easier to make an enlightened choice of a quality, durable, insulated delivery bag model.

1. Know the different sorts of insulated bags

In the present day, manufacturers are not short of creativity when it comes to design insulated delivery bags that meet the demands of the most exacting users.
To start with, professionals must turn to business ranges that are adapted to their needs. Such ranges include models with several features, such as:
• Standard insulated delivery bags: these come generally in large size and are available with various volumes, thus allowing to preserve the foods or products they contain for several hours. If they are used in proper conditions, they suit the specific safety and hygiene requirements of professionals.
• Insulated delivery backpacks: in this configuration, the insulated delivery bag is easy to carry. It will come in really handy for bike couriers for instance. This is why it is particularly recommended for deliveries in an urban environment, since it is little bulky and helps keep one’s hands free. This does not make such bags any less effective and their specifications equal these of the other models detailed in this guide.
• Flexible insulated delivery bags: some insulated delivery bags are specifically very flexible and as a result easy to store or put away. They are easy to fold and slip in and out, which makes these models very convenient for businesses with limited storage area, for example.

2. On what choice criteria should you base the purchase of an insulated delivery bag?

Several choice criteria must be taken into account when picking an insulated delivery bag model. Of course, each trade may have specific needs that must be met by selecting an appropriate model.
Here are the various characteristics to consider in that case:
•Storage capacity: insulated delivery bags with pretty much all storage capacities are available on the market. This criterion is selected in accordance with one’s specific needs. From smaller to larger volumes, picking a bag will depend on the kind of transported products as well as the means of transport.
• Manufacturing materials: the quality of an insulated delivery bag matters a lot. As a professional, it is crucial to opt for quality and durability. The insulated bags that meet that criterion are generally made up of three polyethylene layers. Besides, the manufacturer must guarantee his insulated delivery bags are hermetic, watertight, sturdy and easy to clean.
• The transport means: insulated delivery bags are generally fitted with straps that make them easy to carry. However several carrying options are available and they must be carefully selected. This is particularly the case with an optional backpack strap or with reinforcements for hand relief for instance.
• Supplementary options: several options can help finalise one’s choice and favour a model over another. We might name the organisation of inner compartments or internal and external pockets, among others.
• Design: although this criterion does not always come under consideration of a bag’s specifications, it still matters to some extent. It does all the more so as insulated delivery bags are now available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
• The price: this last criterion, and not the least, is particularly important, even more so as insulated delivery bags come in a wide price range depending on the selected options and features. For reasons of quality and durability, it is best advised to opt for quality models, no matter how little more it costs.

What you should keep in mind:
Picking an insulated delivery bag is therefore particularly important. You should think over the selection of this essential element, so as to use it in an efficient and comfortable way over time.

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