Restaurant Food Delivery Bag XPM 43-Expand – red

Only 105,00  /each

The only delivery backpack that can expand according to your needs

Prodelbags XPM 43-Expand is the only delivery bag capable of expanding its volume from 60 to 79,3 liters to be able to deliver up to 11 pizzas of 40cm / 15″, it is a waterproof thermal delivery backpack made to deliver hot and cold foods while preserving the form of the food’s package, taste and aroma. It is the top-of-the-line product that meets all the conditions of high-end users like restaurants and catering businesses.

The Prodelbags XPM 43-Expand is a bag suitable for delivery by scooter or by car. Sturdy and durable backpack designed for everyday use!
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Total sales: 103 pcs.